As you know my home suffered severe damage due to fire. It's January now, six months later, and the project of rebuilding our home is nearly completed. I've visited many times in the process-many times- and as a result, I feel intimately qualified to testify regarding the highest quality of work you have done. What I am most impressed with, however, is the outstanding quality of all the work that has been done. Evidently, the workers you use take great pride in their work. You had mentioned earlier in our conversation that you many such jobs during a year's time. However, it's obvious to me that my home is the only one you were working on at the time. I'm, unable to rightfully express my gratitude for your professionalism and personal attention to my home. I can't wait to move back in, and we shall in the next couple of weeks. Again , my eternal gratitude for a job more than well done. 

Warmest Regards, 
Stephen KIng

Moved to Dallas area way back in 2000. Asked our realtor for the name of a contractor with a reputation for getting things done. She smiled, handed me a Richard Williams and Associates business card and said "Call nobody but Richard Williams and Associates."  Fast -forward 16  years: Have engaged Richard and his team in every home project/issue that we have encountered. ALWAYS an excellent experience. Gets things done and done right. Prices are very competitive and I NEVER have to worry.  If there is even the slightest issue, Richard Williams and Associates resolves it, "On the spot."  My advise to you: Don't even think about calling anybody else. Why take a chance and waste time spinning the wheel on the unknown? With RIchard the job gets done, the price is right and the work is first class.   If you want to know more about the excellent work he has done, reach out to me at

Rob Vettor 

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